Welcome to the BOSAY AQUATIC CLUB, a non-profit organization run by members/parents of the community. Our goal is to promote an interest in competitive swimming, provide a safe and supervised environment where kids of all ages gain confidence, self-esteem and most of all have some fun. BAC is currently a member of Aquatics Sports Association of the Philippines and the Aquatic Sports Association of the Philippines and Philippine Aquatics Sports Coaches Association Inc.

Learning to swim is good for life-long fitness, and it is a critical life skill and can save your life or the lives of others. Learning to swim fast is exciting and starts you on a lifetime journey of excellence.

BOSAY AQUATIC CLUB offers professional coaching for each group level. Like other successful swimming clubs, we employ professional staff, organize groups into ranges of competence and teach the essentials of body position and propulsion through the water.

BOSAY AQUATIC CLUB has been committed to developing aquatic programs to teach the art and science of swimming, training the swimming athlete for life long fitness and performance opportunities for the athlete during the growth and development years.

BOSAY AQUATIC CLUB, (formerly Gems Aquatic Club) founded in 2003 by Coach Emer C. Matienzo, was an opportunity to design a team from scratch. The team started with only 4 swimmers and has grown steadily every year and has developed a program designed to keep growing in leaps and bounds. We have a summer recreational program to "meet the demand" in our area as well as develop a growth pattern for our team in the future.

Now as our 2017-2018 swimming season begins, we look forward to continued success as we make our mark locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.



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